Milada is a historical drama based on the true story of Milada Horáková, a woman executed on the basis of fabricated charges of conspiracy and treason in a political show trial by the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia. Set against the complex, political landscapes of post-WWII, Milada tells the story of a strong woman, a heroine fighting for democracy, who survived imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps only to be arrested and executed by the Communists in 1950. Milada Horáková moved amid some of the greatest minds of her time and inspired those who met her. Her execution shook the world and triggered powerful and fervent responses from many nations and renowned individuals across the globe – Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Eleanor Roosevelt, to name a few. The film, shot at many authentic locations, such as the courtroom where Milada stood 68 years ago, illuminates idealism and shocking tragedy.


Director: David Mrnka

Cast: Ayelet Zurer, Robert Gant, Daniel Rchichev, Karina Rchichev, Taťjana Medvecká, Vica Kerekes

Director of photography: Martin Štrba

Screenplay: David Mrnka, Robert J. Conant, Robert Gant

Length: 130 minutes

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