Short Cut

Na krátko


Eleven-year-old Jakub can’t stand his stepsister or his domineering grandma. To make matters worse, he discovers that his hardworking mother misled him about where his father was. He is certainly not navigating any maritime vessel, as she would have him believe. Family ties are put to the test in Jakub Šmíd’s second feature.


Director: Jakub Šmíd

Cast: Jindrich Skokan, Julia Issa, Petra Spalková...

Length: 106 minutes

Young Czechoslovak men learn to play basketball from American Mormons at a YMCA camp in 1938. When World War II erupts a year later, their coach is arrested and executed. A young lawyer named Franta steps in to manage the team. After the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, he visits the prison yard where their coach died, picking up a handful of soil and placing in a box with national colors. The team carries this talisman to the European Championship in Geneva where the Czechs miraculously win in 1946. However, everything changes again with the communist coup in February 1948. Friendships are broken, several basketball players are persecuted, and Franta is arrested. The team will go to Paris to defend their title, but can they succeed?