Alchemical Furnace

Athanor - Alchymická pec



Jan Švankmajer at 85 years of age is one of the most prominent artists of European cinema. His work has inspired and guided generations of directors, and his work represents a sharp and merciless exploration of human nature which is entirely unique. Films such as Alice, Faust and Little Otik changed forever the image of stop-motion and opened a world of possibilities in terms of the representation of the inner self. Over three years, directors Adam Oľha and Jan Daňhel followed the life of Jan Švankmajer, from his collaboration with old friend and producer Jaromír Kallista to his memory of Eva Švankmajerová, his wife and creative partner, muse and inseparable other half of the director. Shot on various film formats, using found footage and with a touch of Czech humor, Alchemical Furnace is an ode to creation and to companionship.


Director: Adam Oľha, Jan Daňhel

Length: 117 minutes