The Quartette



“It’s a universal story of the search for happiness played with rueful melancholy, brilliant understatement, and a wise and humorous attitude towards sex.̋~ 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gathering around one table every evening like a family, the members of a string quartet rehearse for another concert. The somewhat incongruous foursome consists of the attractive cello player Simona, her “mommy dependent” boyfriend Robert, the show off - Tomáš, and an aging history expert nicknamed Funés. An awkward misunderstanding and sexual tensions put the fate of the quartet at risk. Will they be able to continue as a group or will they go their separate ways?


Director: Miroslav Krobot

Cast: Barbora Poláková, Jaroslav Plesl, Lukáš Melník, Zdeněk Julina, Pavlína Štorková

Screenplay: Miroslav Krobot, Lubomír Smékal

Length: 93 minutes